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The website you are visiting is owned by Maison Anaïs & Adele, located in Riemst.


1. What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small information file that is automatically placed on a user's computer when he or she visits this website. This cookie cannot identify the user, but serves to record information about the user's browsing behavior on the website. By using a cookie, access to the website is made easier and browsing is optimized. It can also be used to personalize the presentation of the website for each visitor.

2. What are the main cookies used on the website?
Cookies are used on the website. Several of them serve to ensure that browsing is functional and user-friendly for the user. This applies to the cookie that makes it possible to remember which language the user has chosen during his last visit or the language in which the CMS is delivered. The same applies to cookies that are only valid during the session and that serve, for example, to ensure that the user is authenticated or to record the last page the user was on.


Finally, Maison Anaïs & Adele also uses "Google Analytics" cookies whose purpose, among other things, is to register the origin of the user, to provide information on his or her first visit and the duration of his or her visit or to increase the capacity to improve the target group determination of the cookie.
3. Accept cookies and management tools you have available


By clicking 'I understand' when you visit the website for the first time and/or continue to use the website, you accept that one or more cookies will be installed on your computer. These make it possible to pursue the purposes of point 2 and you accept that the service provider subsequently accesses the data stored in this way. This storage constitutes a processing of data, with a view to the implementation of the aforementioned purposes, which is also subject to the provisions of the privacy policy.


You can manage the cookies yourself and oppose their use by configuring your browser appropriately. Most internet browsers offer the possibility to delete cookies from the computer's hard drive, block all cookies or give a warning if a cookie wants to install itself. For more information about these functions, please refer to the browser's instructions or help function. Please note that certain functions and programs of the website may no longer be available if cookies are deleted or blocked.


4. Changes to this cookie policy
This cookie policy can be modified at any time. If the cookie policy is changed, the 'last modified' date at the bottom of this agreement will be updated.


Last update: 22/03/2020

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